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Anyone who has investigated U.S. copyright law will appreciate the range of issues that relate to the use or publication of historic graphic images.  And any close study of the subject will reveal that US copyright law prior to January 1, 1978 (as dictated by the Copyright Act of 1909) was quite different, and far less encompassing in scope, than what came into effect after 1978. 

In assembling illustrations for his books Great American Bridges and Dams, Building the Ultimate Dam, Big Dams of the New Deal Era, and Pastoral and Monumental (as well as for  numerous illustrated articles), DC Jackson undertook research into this subject area and spent time examining official copyright registration records retained at the Library of Congress.  Based upon this experience and an informed understanding of copyright law, he believes that the vast majority of graphic images comprising the DAMHISTORY.COM collection are within the public domain and can be used without copyright infringement.

In accord with standard practice adhered to by archival repositories in the United States, any person or organization utilizing graphic material provided by DAMHISTORY.COM acknowledges that their access to and use of such material is made contingent upon their assuming responsibility for any possible copyright issues that may derive from their use of the material.